MAY-Hem Harlotfest Registration

Make friends, play rugby, and support the Crusaders!

We know that you can’t donate to everyone who is deserving so all we ask is that the next time you can, that you consider supporting the Crusaders of Oklahoma Rugby Club.  We are a rugby club, with a women’s and men’s team, that is working hard to build a rugby community here in Central Oklahoma.  Rugby is a unique sport that focuses on appreciation for each other and the community itself above all else and it is that focus on people that we want to offer to more people and you can help us make that happen!  We work with local high school and middle school teams, as well as local university teams, to offer support and a community once school is over.  We believe that the rugby community is a force for good and offers lifelong health, friendships, and fulfillment. 

Thank you and see you there!